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“IT ACADEMY” AD – Plovdiv, was established more than 30 years ago. Over the years, our company has undergone several transformations in its name and subject of activity, but always in the direction of offering IT services and training.
Under the former name “Innovation Fund D1” AD, the company participated in the realization of computer networks and web sites development of the subsidiaries of “Saedinenie” Holding. It also participated in the realization and maintenance of a network of computers of the investment intermediary “Popularyarna kasa-95” AD, as well as in its 25 branches in the country.


“IT ACADEMY” AD focuses on several main directions:
•Creation of a unique of its kind, scale for the country, Educational complex in informatics and electronic leadership, together with:
• Omega Private Vocational College and Vocational Training Center (http://collegeomega.com). The College offers three of the world’s leading specialties: “Computer Networks”, “Graphic Design”, “Interior Design”. The “Computer Networks” specialty of Omega College is aimed precisely at those who want to develop competences in the field of information technology. Specialized subjects such as: C ++ Programming, Web Design, Configuration of Computer Networks, Database, Fundamentals of Electronics, Computer Equipment, WINDOWS Operating Systems, LINUX, Global Information Networks and Internet, Telecommunication Basics , Diagnostics of Computer Engineering, as well as advanced study of English, oriented towards the terminology related to the specialty.
The “Graphic Design” specialty combines artistic skills, creative thinking and gives a free flight of imagination. This is one of the most sought after and best paid professions, guaranteeing aesthetic satisfaction and opportunity for development. The subjects studied in the training program are: English, Information Technology and Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Drawing and Coloring, Art History, Line Drawing, Computer Graphics, Different Types of Programs, Graphic Arts Technology, and many others related to the specialty, objects (modules).
Omega College’s Interior Design is a great choice for those who want to turn their talent into a profession. With our help we can develop the skills and actually start a design career as soon as you enter the Omega College. The course is two years of deep knowledge of subjects such as Drawing, Drawing, Axonometric and Perspective Drawing, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Furniture, Information Technology and Technologies, Ecology in Interior Design, etc.
• Learning Center “Indian Institute of Hardware Technologies – Bulgaria” (http://iiht.bg) with a purchased IT training franchise from India Institute of Hardware Technologies (Bangalor, India) with the latest IT- disciplines as well as enabling development in specialized laboratories: for software innovations, mobile applications, computer networks and the Laser Information Laboratory!
• Joint Distance Masters Program “Cybersecurity and Strategic Management”, between The Higher School of Insurance and Finance and the Indian Institute of Hardware Technologies – Bulgaria (http://vuzf.iiht.bg).
• Active participation in the creation of the International Higher School of Informatics and Electronic Leadership “Mahatma Gandhi” (http://mvuiel.itakademia.bg) – finilizing the process of accreditation.
• Organizing and conducting lessons at the “Summer School of Informatics” (http://school.iiht.bg).
More information about us can be found on the links above.
– Regarding the main activities related to Information Technologies, “IT ACADEMY” AD works and develops in the following directions:
• Creation of Web-based applications, PPPs (application packages), computer equipment and computer networks.
-Support for server systems for processing and distribution of data.
• The company has its own “Data Center” with technical and software coverage, meeting all requirements for offering high-speed and reliable hosting.
• Telecommunication and engineering services in the field of IT, such as PC delivery and computer networking, server solutions, installation and maintenance of software developed by us in the field of Web based applications for PC.
• Laboratory for Mobile Application Creation – for mobile devices – GSM, tablets and more.
• Development of automation solutions and IoT (Internet of Things).
• Cyber Security and Information Protection Laboratory.
• Internet marketing and training of both company specialists to improve their qualification, and external clients.
• The company, with the help of external specialists, has implemented over 50 projects for web-based applications (web pages) of varying degrees of complexity and functionality, and some of them have multilingual versions.
• Development of the professionals from “IT Academy” AD are the sites of “Technology and Innovation Corporation” AD, “Finance BG” – media for financial news and analyzes, “Business network for Bulgarians around the world”, “Ethic Finance” AD, “Auto services Optela”, “Auto service Automobil”, “Optela “AD, the sites of” Orpheus Club Wellness “AD – covering and offering services in the sphere of tourism – SPA, eco and others.
• We are in the process of implementing a powerful server computer system to offer hosting services to external clients.
• IT Academy offers training in Information technology- computer literacy and working with Microsoft office packages, operating systems – Windows, Linux, Web programming, Internet marketing and social networks, etc. For this purpose there is a computer center with training rooms.
• “IT Academy” offers co-operation in the field of cybersecurity and cybernetic methods of situational analysis of internet surveys.
• “IT Academy” AD organizes 1-day, 2-day, 3-day seminars, designed for the training of companies on the request of companies on “Cloud Services, Threats and Problems in Corporate Cyber Security” by employers. The organization of seminars and additional specialized trainings is dictated by the ever-expanding understanding of the concept of “professional skills”. Professionality is not measured by specific profiled knowledge but also by a number of personal skills such as those needed to deal with conflict situations, adequate response to stress, communicativeness, initiative, etc. seminars and trainings, depending on the level and topic, are suitable for workers, technicians, engineers, designers, economists, informatics specialists, employees, and managerial staff.
“IT Academy” AD is ready to participate in national and international projects as well as to cooperate with partner organizations.

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